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Found :  7  paintings
Shumakova Elena
  "Bouquet and mushrooms"
canvas, oil, 60x70 cm, 2016
To know the cost
Maistrenko Gennady
  "Tarusa sunflowers"
canvas, oil, 80x75 cm, 2012
To know the cost
Dovbenko Victor
canvas, oil, 55x60 cm, 2017
To know the cost
Kudrin Jury
canvas, oil, 55*65 cm, 2007
To know the cost
Likhomanov, Yuri
  "Fly agaric"
canvas, oil, 25x30 cm, 2017
To know the cost
Medvedev Igor
canvas, oil, 50x100 cm, 2014
To know the cost
Майстренко Геннадий
hardboard, oil, 79x70, cm, 1990, sold

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