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Found :  10  paintings
Dovbenko Victor
  "Tea with viburnum"
canvas, oil, 45x50 cm, 2017, sold
Boev Sergey
  "Tea with lemon"
canvas, oil, 40x50 cm, 2017, sold
Charina Anna
  "Still life with samovar and meadow flowers"
canvas, oil, 70x80 cm, 2016
To know the cost
Kochetova Elena
canvas, oil, 50x60 cm, 2015
To know the cost
Kochetova Elena
  "Summer still life"
canvas, oil, 80x80 cm, 2015
To know the cost
Sviridov Sergey
  "Moonlit evening"
canvas, oil, 100x100 cm, 2014, sold
Kozina Valeriy
  "Still life with kettle"
canvas, oil, 75x70 cm, 2012
To know the cost
Kozina Valeriy
  "Still life with samovar"
canvas, oil, 85x80 cm, 2005
To know the cost
Kudrin Jury
  "Tea on the veranda"
canvas, oil, 81x89 cm, 2013
To know the cost
Lysenko Andrey
  "Autumn harvest"
canvas, oil, 110x80 cm, 2014  
Price 210000 rub.

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