There are two ways to buy a painting: Buying through the art-helicon gallery
This way of purchasing is following: you have to make an order for appropriate painting. On the screen with enlarged view of intended painting there are two buttons: Order and Buy. You have to click on the Order button, then to input your personal data. We contact the needed artist and check the availability of intended painting. If it is available, we reserve it for you. After that we speak about the way of the painting delivery. There are several ways to delivery a painting:        The difference between the abovementioned ways of delivery are cost and time of delivery. All paintings are with stretchers. For example, the cost of the painting delivery with dimension 80x60 m to USA:        After the way of delivery is agreed, we issue an invoice including the cost of painting(s), delivery charges, packing, and insurance. After that we discuss the way of payment:
       a) transfer money into our bank account
       b) by credit card
The security of credit card payment is guaranteed by the international payment system "ESCROW.COM" (

       More details about escrow system, you can get on . By escrow system you can execute any payment using different methods of payment, including payment by credit card: VISA, Euro card/MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, STB. This way of payment excepts the delivery way by using the international post of Russia. This way of delivery does not allow you to control the delivery through Internet, but it would be a necessary condition while carrying out the deal through the escrow system.
       If you like the painting, but do not agree with the price, please contact our manager by e-mail: and make your suggestion concerning the price. It is possible that after the conversation between our manager and an artist, we will reach the mutually beneficial decision.
       You may return the painting and get the full amount of your deposit in case the delivered painting does not correspond to your order.

Buying direct from an owner of the painting
We can introduce you directly to the owner of the painting (the artist, a member of the artists family, a collector) and arrange viewing the painting (paintings) directly at his place.
Selling the painting in this case is carried out according to the prices of the very owner of the painting (without our extra charges). The cost of this service is from 100 to 400 usd. Your request for arranging the visit (viewing a collection) please send to e-mail or the phone number +7 916 316-49-50

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