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Dmitriev George   "The moon and the lighthouse" canvas, oil, 25x35 cm, 2022  
Цена 16000 rub.

Dmitriev George   "Lighthouse. The island of Crete.Chania" canvas, oil, 60x70 cm, 2022

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Enikeev Unis   "Lighthouse" canvas, oil, 70x40 cm, 2022

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Dmitriev George   " The old lighthouse. The Island Of Crete" canvas, oil, 50x40 cm , 2015, sold

Dmitriev George   "The lighthouse and the sun" canvas, oil, 75x130 cm, 2014, sold

Enikeev Unis   "Lighthouse" canvas, oil, 50x40 cm, 2020

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Lazarev Igor   "Lighthouse" canvas, oil, 50x60 cm, 2015, sold

Lenkov Dmitry   "Landscape with fuel and lubricants" iron, oil, 100x55 cm, 2020 , sold

Lenkov Dmitry   "Well here I live, feel at home " canvas, oil, 20x30 cm, 2014 , sold

Lenkov Dmitry   "Clothes Keeper" wood, oil, 26x37 cm, 2014, sold

Lenkov Dmitry   "Drunk" wood, oil, 40x40 cm, 2013, sold

Lenkov Dmitry   "The keeper of a beacon" wood, oil, 40x50 cm, 2011 , sold

Lysak Gennady   "Seascape with lighthouse" canvas, oil, 52x102 cm, 2017, sold

Lysak Gennady   "Sea landscape with a beacon" canvas, oil, 48*70 cm, 2010, sold

Mukhina Tamara   "Lighthouse" canvas, oil, 25x35 cm, 2020

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Sukovatykh Vladimir   "Beacon" canvas, oil, 40*50 cm, 2009, sold

Teneta Viktoria   "Port in Alishia" canvas, oil, 60x85 cm, 2017

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Zaitsev Alexi   "Gulls" canvas, oil, 70x80 cm, 2019, sold

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