Paintings with geese to buy in the gallery   
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Levin Dmitry   "Good in two" canvas, oil, 50x60 cm, 2022, sold

Levin Dmitry   "A serene summer" canvas, oil, 40x70 cm, 2022, sold

Levin Dmitry   "Wonderful day" canvas, oil, 50x80 cm , 2020, sold

Likhomanov Yuri   "Geese" canvas, oil, 30x50 cm, 2022

Let the price of painting

Levin Dmitry   "With small river home" canvas, oil, 40x40 cm, 2019, sold

Levin Dmitry   "Oh, well in the summer...." canvas, oil, 51x61 cm, 2017, sold

Prokazov Boris   "At home" canvas, oil, 50x60 cm, 2014, sold

Zaitsev Alexi   "Let go " canvas, oil, 50x70 cm, 2019, sold

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