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Ivanov Vladimir   "Iris and Swallowtail" canvas, oil, 50x40 cm, 2012  
Price 14000 rub.
Shumakova Elena   "Bouquet and butterfly" canvas, oil, 70x50 cm, 2017
Let the price of painting Snezhinskay Jeanne   "Butterfly" canvas, oil, 40x50 cm, 2020
Let the price of painting Boev Sergey   "Red iris" canvas, oil, 60x70 cm, 2018, sold
Ivanov Vladimir   "Wildflowers" canvas, oil, 50x40 cm, 2014  
Price 14000 rub.
Ivanov Vladimir   "Iris" canvas, oil, 40x50 cm, 2013  
Price 14000 rub.
Levina Viktoria   "Wakes up in the morning" canvas, oil, 50x50 cm, 2018, sold
Litvykov Sergei   "Dream of the butterfly" canvas, oil, 50*80 cm, 2009, sold
Maslennikov Vitaly   "Entomologist" canvas, oil, 40x35 cm, 2018, sold
Shumakova Elena   "Wildflowers and butterflies" canvas, oil, 70x60 cm, 2018, sold
Sydoriv Zinovy   "The path to the light" canvas, oil, 50x100 cm,2018
Let the price of painting Sydoriv Zinovy   "Teinopalpus Imperial" canvas, oil, 60x80 cm, 2018, sold
Zakharov Evgeniy   "Butterfly" paper, oil, 49x49 cm, 2017
To contact the artist Zakharov Evgeniy   "Butterfly" canvas, oil, 70x70 cm, 2015, sold

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