Momentum and power are what always makes steam engines a symbol of goal-seeking determination and resolution. Trains and steam engines paintings are loved both by daydreamers and practical people: huge, made of steel engines sweeping along rails attract common attention, and everybody discovers something special here.

Always on the way, on the move, trains run on the same rails, but appear at different destinations. That is the romance and the philosophy of the railway which often makes it the artistic inspiration. It is a possible reason why paintings featuring trains and steam engines are frequent in private collections. And at thematic exhibitions trains and steam engines are, of course, one of the most favorite images of modern artists seeking to discover beauty in trivial and familiar things.

Images of a steam engine are more common for artists, lovers of the antique. Pleasant nostalgia for the times free from state-of-the-art technology and mad pace of life allows them to regenerate the real spirit of the bygone age. Paintings with trains adorn interiors of offices and dining rooms; they are suitable for passages and halls. Overall, such themes are considered to be universal with respect to certain fancies and preferences of viewers.

There is just as much lyrics in pictures of railway stations: temporality, anticipation for something true, home-sickness and regret for the long past times – all this represents an invaluable source of emotions and creative images for artists. Serious-minded and shrewd people and those who can reveal something great behind ordinary things, will find pictures of railway stations to their taste.

Olga Medvedeva’s “Steam Engine B” is a cheerful picture full of fresh saturated colors. This is the first impression which viewers get. The figure of a black steel giant counterbalances the theme without overloading it. The steam engine seems to be fused in haze, and the painting seems to be made of the air. Power of the man-made creation exploding quite stillness of a summer day somewhat dies out in soft colors and gentle bengh strokes.

Michael Vorobyev’s “Evening Steam Engine” is a picture painted in one of the artist’s favorite styles. It is incredibly realistic: the purple background and distinct details add life to the picture and make it vibrating. The steam engine, in transit intruding upon leisure and stillness of the Nature, is a black arrow piercing an evening forest. This is not the first picture of Michael Vorobyev painted in purple. Such a style of the artist attracts viewers’ attention not only by the first bright burst, but also by depth and meaningfulness of the image. The effect of flying, expressive painting allows viewers to share live emotions and feelings associated both with a certain image and with the author’s philosophy. Here the evening steam engine presents a wonderful contrast between the steel power and silence: it can’t be noiseless but it sounds as if from afar, like murmurous roar in evening haze.

Here are pictures of artists painting trains and steam engines. A click on a picture will send you to the gallery of a certain artist and allows buying it.

Steam locomotive B
Medvedeva Olga
"«Steam locomotive B» "
Locomotives P-36 (first edition) and IP
Medvedeva Olga
"«Locomotives P-36 (first edition) and IP » "
Warsaw Station
Medvedeva Olga
"Warsaw Station "
The Circum-Baikal railway
Sorokin Yuri
"The Circum-Baikal railway "
Arrival of a trai
Penkovsky Pavel
"«Arrival of a train» "
painting evening the steam locomotive
Vorobiev Mikhail
«evening the steam locomotive»
BAM, station Hani
Sorokin Yuri
"BAM, station Hani "
Station after the rain
Ponomarenko Mikhail
"Station after the rain"
painting «Arriving by train»
Ponomarenko Mikhail
"Arriving by train"
painting «Arriving by train»
Ponomarenko Mikhail
"Arriving by train"

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