Alexi Zaitsev artist The process of creating a masterpiece is always very complicated. And particular responsibility rests on modern authors: they should not repeat oneself, find their own special themes. An artist Alexi Zaitsev honourably copes with these tasks. He is one of the few modern artists who sees warm radiance of the familiar world and engraves the happy moments on his canvases.

Alexi Zaitsev is an impressionist , and this imposes special requirements on his works. It is crucial to find an appropriate view, get scent of the color, light and shade, select and blend incompatible hues of paint, since false strokes are particularly clearly seen in the works of impression creators. The artist was born in Ryazan. When he was 12 years old, he moved to Moscow. And in 1983, when he was 24 years old, Alexi Zaitsev graduated from the faculty named after Ulyanova affiliated with Union of Journalists of the USSR and became a book illustrator. Alexi was not the only talented member of his family. His aunt, Zaitseva, Z.A., an honoured artist of the USSR, was a living illustration of zealous creative work and his guide into the world of arts.

The works of the artist, Alexi Zaitsev, a follower of Miritsky, B.A., (school of Mashkov I.I.) and Antonenko, V.D., demonstrate masterful technique of dashing brushwork and their own style. In his pictures dotted painting typical for impressionism and open-work lines specific to the author are combined. Alexi starts the work over his canvases in keeping with the best traditions of impressionism, in the open-air, absorbing the atmosphere of wonderful places: Russian towns, small villages, vastness of the sea and narrowness of yards. First of all the artist makes small sketches, distinctive drawings, seizes the moments and then, having returned home from the long travels aboutl Russia, he accomplishes his paintings in his Moscow atelier.

Since 80s works of the artist have been exhibited not only in Russia, but also abroad. In USA several works have been purchased for Institute of Russian Economics and Culture, in Hungary and Ireland for the embassy of the Russian Federation, in Madrid for a private gallery. Works of Alexi Zaitsev adorn many collections, for example, an official gallery of Yeltsin B.N., a collection of the photographer, E. Rozhdestvenskaya.

Having moved to the capital, the young impressionist found plenty excellent themes and transferred the noisy world of Moscow and its suburbs onto his canvases. At the same time works of the artist are extraordinary impressive: each painting seems to have penetrated through a shiny screen and starts to vibrate in another way. The talented master makes his canvases dreamlike, keeping their literalism. Why it happens? The artist evidently loves the places which he is painting and each movement of his models is thoughtfully painted into the context of a picture. However, he doesnt deny it himself

Alexi Zaitsev artist For instance, the painting A Waterside Walk is painted in cold blue shades but is full of southern freshness: one feels warmth of the sun gleaming in red hair of the girl. A cool dress, cautious movements, an elegant greyhound. This pair seems to go out for a walk out of the illusory world. It is warmth and elegance that one feels when looking at this canvas painted with extraordinary love and in peaceful harmony.

Alexi Zaitsev artist The painting The Rain features a small figure with an umbrella: a girl with a toy in her hand doesnt fear to get wet and playfully and curiously walks in the rain as children usually do. The canvas seems to be full of moisture which bleeds out of it and circles an observer. The picture is painted with large strokes and three-dimensional paint-coats make the scene vivid. It is raining, but we see cleanness and shine: wet gloss of asphalt and the pavement covered by water. Only the houses in sight throw shadows on the fresh washness of the street and slight effort of the little pedestrian.

New paintings of Alexi Zaitsev
All of the paintings is possible to look in his gallery ( GO TO THE GALLERY (more than 300 painting) )

Epiphany Christmas eve. Giglio Cold morning
Autumn rain on boulevards On the shore
Lake Como Stream
Girl on the breakwater ,
Evening, rain Frosty morning
Warm day
Blanche. Boulevard after the rain
Little fisherman
It s spring
Latin quarter
Summer in Provence
Red ship
Warm sea

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